Hey, assbutt.

My name's Cassandra Huynh, but I prefer Cas, Huynh or whatever you want ha ha. I love Supernatural. Cas and Dean are the best. Btw, english is my second language(I speak french) so it might be bad. I love Zelda, TF2, FF, Pokemon and other nice games. My fav' bands are The Beatles, Foster the People, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and last but not least, One Direction. I'm a bit of a geek (some people say I am). I like to read, play video games or watch Supernatural while drinking tea. I really love tea. I love to make funny faces. Some people say i'm weird, I think it's because I love to make funny faces.
Anyway, enjoy your time here.
You can also check out my second blog at cas-thursday.tumblr.com